The Unveiling


Okay.  Here’s what I’ve been promising for a long, long time, and it’s now time to deliver.  I finally got my house to a point where I am willing to take pictures and expose myself to my readers.  (In a very quiet voice) That didn’t sound good, did it (snicker).   You can thank the YaYas for keeping me on my toes and getting the work done.  I had them over last Monday.  I really didn’t want to have a bunch of boxes sitting around, have them get lost in a maze and not be able to find their way out.  Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice and only two of the brave, hearty souls showed up.

Okay – let’s take a tour:

First shot of the family/TV room, where we seem to spend most of our time.  See that corner over there?  That’s all my computer stuff – – – the bookcase on the right side of the picture will eventually disappear when Ole gets all the cabinets built on the east wall.

The area between the two windows is where the gas fireplace is going to go.  We were allowed to take that and all the knotty pine cabinets out of our basement.

The wall to the left will be knotty pine cabinets all the way across.  Should be a lot of storage space to empty a ton of boxes into that are now on shelves in the basement.

Looking through the French doors from the TV room into the formal living room.  There are heated floors throughout this level and those green tiles really feel good on your feet.  Daisy and the kitties love to stretch out on this floor.

Looking from the entryway back into the TV room.  See the perfect place to hang my quilt?  That’s the stairwell going to the basement.  Boy, was that a bugger to paint as it’s 3 stories high!  Ole hung on the ladder like a monkey in order to get it done.

From the front door area looking into the dining room.  There are three steps going up to the dining room.  Off to the right is the family room.  Behind the door is my pantry closet.  The former owner used to keep his dog in there!!  Kind of strange, don’t you think?  Needless to say I had a lot of cleaning to do before converting it to a pantry closet.

A shot of the kitchen taken from the dining room.  Off to the right is the hallway to the master bedroom – –

– – and the whorehouse red wall that I’ve mentioned more than once.  Just haven’t had time to cover that baby up yet, but hopefully this weekend it will be “going green” – yes literally green – green paint – not all this “tree hugger green” stuff.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it.  We’ve got lots of work that we want to do yet, but at least the pressure is off now.

Our old house has been sold – we were so happy.  The county auction took place last Thursday and a young farmer from Lidgerwood, ND bought it.  He has two little children, one three and the other just a baby, so the house will be put to good use and loved once again.  We stopped out there last weekend, and this guy is really meaning business as the three season porch was already ripped off and turned into a pile of rubbish in the backyard.  The basement had been stripped down to bare concrete and the stairway removed.  So I don’t think it will be long and our old house will be making a journey some 80+ miles down the road.  May it go in peace and live in times where it won’t have to worry about getting its feet wet ever again.  Amen.

Love, Lena

5 thoughts on “The Unveiling

  1. Thanks for the tour! Enjoy your new home and what excitement that your old home will go to a good family. Yes, the red must go. (wink)

  2. It looks lovely. The size of the rooms is really amazing to someone living where rooms tend to be small (and none have built-in closets). The kitchen looks great, too. Enjoy!

  3. Looks like plenty of room. I am jealous! You have been busy getting it all put together. Take a rest, put your feet up and have a glass of something…..

  4. What a great home! Heated floors! I have them here in Korea and wish I had them in my old house in Maine. They are a wonderful invention. The kitchen is nicely laid-out, but I can see what you mean about not having so much storage.

    It’s excellent that your old house will be high and dry after it takes a trip. 🙂 Best Wishes to you and Ole and the furkids in your new abode.

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