Rooster Juice

I am definately NOT a “druggie.”  In fact I have a hard time to take an advil or something comparable even for a headache.  The “pushers” would have  a hard time making any profits from me.  Have you ever had a pill get stuck in your throat?  I have – and it sits there and sits there and it’s a horrible feeling.  And when you end up having to go to the ER to have it dislodged, it’s even worse.  So – take my word for it, it’s something you dont’ want to have happen.

I also have a great fear  of shots.  Anytime you think you’re going to poke a needle in my arm you better have a damn good reason or I’ll come out fighting.  Got that?!?

Well, today I had my second ROOSTER JUICE shot.  It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me – along with the doctor that gives them to me, of course.  Let me explain.

To begin with – just so you know – the needle for this shot has to be as big around as a piece of spaghettie (not small) – and the syringe must hold at least a half a gallon of liquid!  Just sayin’ is all  ! ! ! !

Way back in the dark ages (shut up Burl) when I was of the ripe old age of about 35 I went riding in a hot air balloon – on Easter Sunday.  It was one of those springs that was absolutely beautiful for Minnesota.  Warm and sunny and perfect.  Kind of like we’re having this year – which doesn’t happen but once every 20+ years.  I really didn’t want to go up for the ride, I would rather have been in the  chase car, but somewhere along the line I got talked into riding in the balloon and have regretted it ever since.

The owner/operator of the hot air balloon was not a nice man – at least that’s my opinion of him.  Once my friend and I were up in the air with him he decided he was going to scare us royaly, which he did to the last inth degree of possibility.  He flew it through the tree tops to the point of making my friend and me defend ourselves against the tree branches that would have poked us in the eyes had we not held them away from our faces.  He flew us toward the high voltage power lines until just before we could touch them and then shot enough hot air into the balloon to prevent us from catching them.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

Eventually when it was time to put the balloon down he decided to land in an open field, but bounced across the stubble, caught the side of a township road, bounced the basket very high at which point I was thrown into a padded propane tank hard enough that it broke my kneecap into three pieces.

I knew instantly that I was hurt.  Hubby Ole and Lovely Daughter were in the chase truck, and they tossed me into the back of the truck and took me the 15 miles into town to the ER where an orthopedic surgeon performed emergency surgery on Easter Sunday to wire me back together. Mind you, this was back in the dark ages.  I had my leg in a plaster cast from my ankle to my hip for 6 weeks.  At the end of 6 weeks the ortho doc cut the cast off and sent me home – NO physical therapy of any kind.  Needless to say, about 2 years later I started having major problems.

Through the years I have subjected myself to every physical therapy program available within the city limits to no avail.  Needless to say this has cost thousands of dollars, and all for nothing.   UNTIL about 2 years ago I discovered the most wonderful ortho doctor that pointed me in the direction of ROOSTER JUICE!!

Now, if you haven’t heard of ROOSTER JUICE, you’re really missing out on something.  It’s made from the combs of roosters and is injected as a lubricant into joints of the human body that are not behaving well.  I became aware of it about 10 years ago, but at that time decided not to go that route because it was so new.  Now I could write a bible about it.

The technical name is actually SYNVISC, and if you have a need and haven’t at least given it a shot (pun intended) you’re really missing out.  It’s made such a world of difference in my life it’s unexplanable.

I had so much pain back in November of 2010 that I could hardly walk.  After having x-rays in my knee it was discovered that it was bone on bone and the doc that examined me said he was amazed that I could even walk.  He told me that it was not a question of IF I would have a knee replacement, it was WHEN I would have one.

When he suggested it, it was just not a convenient time.  By that time I was so used to living with pain that it really didn’t matter any more.  So to bide my time until a knee replacement was convenient for my time schedule I opted for a ROOSTER JUICE shot.

The syringe was huge.  Just to look at it almost scared me to the point of not having it at all – but I did.  I made Ole go along with me for moral support.  That Ole – he’s good for all kinds of things.

So my first one was back in November of 2010.  Mind you – these shots are only supposed to be good for 6 months.  Everything went wonderfully until the time we started to move back in November of 2011.  That’s when I started carrying heavy boxes loaded with “stuff” that needed to find a new home.  And that’ when my knee started driving me crazy again.

So I toughed it out until about 2 weeks ago when I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  When I finally realized what a dumb stubborn Norwegian I was being, I called and made an appointment with the wonderful ortho doc that I have.

Today I had my second SYNVISC shot and my knee is feeling wonderful.  I realize that I’m one of the lucky ones as this doesn’t work as well for everyone.  But I thank my lucky stars that I am one of those lucky ones and appreciate every waking/walking moment without pain.

Love, Lena


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  1. Lena, I so thoroughly appreciate your information. I hope I don’t need to see the doc again, but if I do, I am insisting on this. Thanks. Susan

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