Life at the Bumpuses

I’m sure you remember the fantastic movie the Christmas Story that came out a number of years ago?  The Leg Lamp?  Who could forget the leg lamp!!  And where Ralphie and his family lived next door to a family of hillbillies named the Bumpuses that had hounds that came charging into the kitchen and ate the wonderful/beautiful Christmas dinner that was prepared by Ralphie’s Mom.  So the poor family had to resort to eating at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day?  You do remember this movie, right?  Ralphie got the wonderful set of pink bunny pajamas with feet in them from his Great Aunt as a Christmas gift and his parents MADE him model them?  Greatest movie ever made and it has become a ritual at our house on Christmas Day.  You HAVE to watch the Christmas Story, and I think we laugh harder every year.

Well – – now I must admit – – Ole and I are living our very own Christmas Story – only I think we’re the Bumpuses – not Ralphie’s family.  Every time I drive in our driveway and look at our front yard I cringe because it’s really starting to look like the Bumpus’ front yard – we even have one hound to make things legit!!  (Only she’s really a German Shepherd, not a hound dawg!)

I expect the neighbors to start complaining any day now – oh – wait – they won’t dare to complain as they run a construction company and have all kind of heavy equipment, huge concrete pipes and other do-dads in their Back Forty.  Okay – not to worry.

Our yard (front AND back) isn’t QUITE as bad as the picture above – but it’s getting darn close.  We’re actually making progress in getting things sorted out in both the garage and Ole’s office/shop.  The biggest hinderance right now is that we desperately need another building to put things in so that we can organize the remainder of the “stuff” that will stay in the garage and Ole’s shop.  Ole’s busy getting quotes on 40×80 buildings that will be tall enough to store the motorhome in – and each time we get a quote I think we gasp and darn near choke.  But it’s got to be done – so spend those bucks and get it over with.

Let me say this and then I’ll drop this issue – it will certainly be nice to get my car back into the garage.  My poor vehicle has had to sit outside all winter and get rained on and snowed on.  I can’t remember the last time I had to leave my vehicle outside in the winter – but fortunately this winter was very mild for a Minnesota winter.  So we survived!

And then there’s the ATTACK ON THE NIGHTCRAWLERS!  Remember, I stated in a previous entry that I was going to declare war on the nightcrawlers because the lawn is so bumpy you could break your ankle trying to walk across it.  So today I spent over $100 on chemicals that are supposed to at least REDUCE the population.  I spent all afternoon spreading the “killer beads” so next time it rains we’ll see if it works or not.  If anybody out there has a sure solution to get rid of these critters I would appreciate your input.  Walking in our yard is like trying to walk on marbles – you never know which way your ankle is going to turn.  Bad.

So what are you all doing for Easter?  I’m cooking and we’re having some of our favorite people over (Lovely Daughter and her husband, Lars).  They are both working two jobs at this point, so it’s kind of nice to be able to give them a bit of relief and cook for them.

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful Easter.  God Bless You All.

Love, Lena



2 thoughts on “Life at the Bumpuses

  1. No flood this spring. I am happy for you! You have been working so hard on your new place. I can’t wait to have a tour of the whole site. Hard work, though, uh?

    We’re having only 3 of the 7 kids and families out for Easter, so probably only about 18 of us. And that’s okay because we don’t have the room! Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can shoo them out the door to the backyard and patio.

    A blessed Easter to you, my friend.

  2. I finally had to comment on picture above the blog. I can believe She could be a Lena butI don’t think the man in picture looks very Scandahoovian. Keep the good blogs coming. I really enjoyed the trip to Sturgis
    last year………………………..

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