Buffalo Bill and Cody, Wyoming

I stuck my nose out from under the fluffy comforter and realized that a queen-sized bed is definitely not big enough for two adults, a 100-lb. German Shepherd and two cats, all who had congregated on the bed because they were cold.  “Ole,” I yelled as I poked him in the ribs with my elbow (you see, I had to yell because he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids) “please get up and turn on the furnace, it’s freezing in here.”  After several pokes and a few grunts from him I wandered out to the front of the motorhome and flipped the switch to turn on the furnace.  It took a minute or so and the hum of the fan motor started blowing warm air.  It was soon cozy enough to get up and make coffee.  I gingerly pulled the curtain back to expose the indoor/outdoor thermometer and it read 42 degrees on the outside.  I dropped the curtain back over the thermometer and told Ole I wouldn’t be going anywhere outside until it warmed up “just a bit.”  What a terrible shock to a system that was used to the 90 to 100 degree temps that we’d gotten used to over the last months. 

Anyway, we packed up and headed north to Cody, Wyoming, home to Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show.  The sky was quite ominous looking to the west with lots of dark rain clouds moving our way and clouds hanging very low in the sky over the mountain tops in the direction of Yellowstone Park.  So when we got to our campgrounds we decided that this would be a day of “kicking back,” watching a movie or two and just staying inside out of the cold north wind that was blowing.  And we did.  Everybody took naps – Daisy, Lucy, Senior Citizen Simon and Ole.  Well, almost everybody – I didn’t. 

The next day dawned bright and sunny so we decided to do a bit of riding, but the priority of MY day was to make a stop at the local quilt store, Friends & Co.  Of course that couldn’t go without a purchase of an item or two (snicker). and this time Ole didn’t greet me when I came out of the store with, “What?  No packages?”  Of course I had packages.  When one has a fabric addiction one never leaves a quilt store without a few yards of fabric. 

The afternoon called for a trip to the Buffalo Bill Dam and a ride farther north through the canyon.  We spotted mountain goats on the wall of the dam – (pictures in the video).  I sure hope they all know how to swim.

We spent the better part of an afternoon at the Old Trail Town, the original town site of Cody, right next to the Stinking River, renamed the Shoshone.  The Stinking River is appropriately named as it smells like someone dumped their sewer on the street.  It’s full of sulpher and depending on which way the wind is blowing can be really offensive to the City of Cody.  Old Trail Town consists of various old buildings from around the area that have been moved to the original townsite, and restored.  Very interesting history if you’re into western stuff.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie Jeremiah Johnson starring Robert Redford.  There actually was a Jeremiah Johnston (note JohnSTon instead of JohnSOn), and he actually was attacked by a bear and left to die by his cohorts.  He truly did recover on his own out in the wilderness and searched out the buddies that left him for dead and killed them.  He was known as Jeremiah “Liver Eating” Johnston, and I won’t go into the “liver eating” part – I’ll just leave that to your imagination.  Well, Jeremiah is burried in the Old Trail Town cemetery along with Belle Drewery.

Belle Drewery is known as the Lady in Blue whose ghost still haunts the Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse, along with several of her “boy friends.”  She was part of a three-way trist that ended in the murders of her two male friends.  It’s an interesting story – just google “The Lady in Blue” if you’re interested. 

Following Cody we headed for Medora, ND and the Badlands.  We had originally intended to head north toward Glacier National Park, but after looking at distances and time frames that we had to work within we decided we just didn’t have time to go that far.  Isn’t that pathetic?  Retired and don’t have time???  What’s wrong with this picture, anyway. 

Anyway, we landed in Medora this evening.  We’ve taken a ride through the park, spied quite a bit of wildlife, ran into a several dumbshits in the park (as usual) and had a tasty dinner at the Little Missouri Saloon served by a nice young man from Bulgaria, all of which I’ll tell you about tomorrow. 

Video and pictures attached.  Just click the link.


Love, Lena



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  1. Love it! We have been there and have done it all! Can’t wait for your post on Medora and hopefully the park. We love that park…one of the most underrated spots in the US, I think. Such unusual beauty.

    Been having fun on your trip with you. Now hurry and wash the clothes and repack because we leave on Friday for Alaska. You are coming, aren’t you? Should be in your area before noon.

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