We Should’ve Moved to Alaska!

Uffda,” I said to Ole this morning when I looked out the window.  “I think we should have moved to Alaska because the weather MUST be better up there than it is here.”  We’ve had 10 inches of heavy wet snow in the last 18 hours and it’s still snowing.  The weatherman says it’s supposed to snow throughout the day and then we’re supposed to “host” another “snow event” on Wednesday!  (I just love the way he puts things, don’t you?)  By that time we’ll be up to our “patooties” in snow again and it’s the middle of April already.  I haven’t seen green grass in such a long time that I went to Menard’s the other day and stared at their fake grass carpet – at least it was green!!

Ole and I took a little spin around the countryside the other day – out in the old neighborhood.  It gave Daisy a chance to sniff along some new ditches and investigate some new rabbit tracks.  I guess we were so busy with our own buyout and move when it took place, that we didn’t pay attention to how much the rest of the neighborhood had changed.  Driving along the country roads that follow the Buffalo River we saw numerous building sites now vacant.  No sign of there ever having been buildings there other than a leftover driveway entry and some trees.  The driveways have been dug up, smoothed out and covered with a straw/grass seed mixture.

The interesting thing is that it’s hard to see and think about all these vacant buildings sites, many of them having been lived on for many, many years and never having had water issues until these later years, where families were raised, friends visited and life stories evolved.  Now there’s not a sign of life.  Now, you may ask, does it bother Ole and I when we look at our old building site?  We lived there almost 40 years.  Not in the least!!  We have both said that all we feel is a big sense of relief.  This year we will stay high and dry and not have to have nightmares anymore, or lay awake listening to make sure the sump pump kicks in so the basement doesn’t flood.

Just as an example:  We had a 35 gallon barrel sunk into the basement floor that served as our sump hole.  During one period of high water we had TWO 3/4 horsepower sump pumps in that hole and the water was pouring in so fast that both pumps were running nonstop.  This went on for several days until the water started to recede.  One of us had to be downstairs watching the pumps at all times.  We didn’t dare leave them because if one had quit the basement would have taken on water in a matter of minutes.  Ole, being the smart man that he is, also had two more pumps sitting by in case of emergency.  Now think about it – would you miss something like that?  We sure don’t.

So my sympathies are with the poor folks that are facing this dilemma again this year.  But I must clarify this – my sympathies are with those folks who would like to get a buyout and move on with their life and can’t get one.  Then there are those stupid idiots that have the option of a buyout and have turned it down.  They are the ones that expect the city/county to come in and rescue them, or to build flood protection around their homes at the taxpayer’s expense and then sit on their butts and do nothing while the protection is being put in place.   We have several friends who, in the past, have volunteered to throw sandbags to build these dikes.  More than one of them said that there were homeowners who sat on their porches and watched the work being done – never lifting a finger to help and MAYBE bringing a pot of coffee out to the workers.  Enough said – you get the drift.

Well, that’s enough of a rant for today, Folks.


2 thoughts on “We Should’ve Moved to Alaska!

  1. Momma E!! I absolutely love your stories!!
    You last comment “you get the drift” …… Drift….. Betcha’ you’re seeing lots of them. Love ya Mom!

  2. The following statement from your blog today….PRICELESS!!!

    I haven’t seen green grass in such a long time that I went to Menard’s the other day and stared at their fake grass carpet – at least it was green!!

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