There’s a Blizzard in July

Well, Folks, it’s that time of year again when Ole and Lena make their annual journey to Sturgis and the Blackhills Motorcycle Rally.  Preparation, of course, began with getting the motorhome ready as it hasn’t been used since last September. 

I walked into the motorhome for the first time and found little pieces of white stuff on the floor – small amounts in localized areas, but stuff that didn’t belong there nonetheless.  So I vacuumed it up and went on about my cleaning business.  We eventually took off down the road, the Harley tucked securely in the enclosed trailer, Simon and Lucy, our two kitties, snug in their beds napping the trip away, and Daisy, sprawled out in comfort on the davenport.  So you see, we have quite a houseful when we travel. 

Daisy, our 12-year old German Shepherd, suffers from severe arthritis in her hips and lower joints on her back legs.  She’s been receiving doggie chiropractic treatments and acupuncture from Dr. Brad at the Casselton Vet Clinic for some time now, along with an occasional steroid shot.  Dr. Brad has worked wonders for her – otherwise I’m sure she wouldn’t be with us any longer.  So on our way west we stopped at the clinic and Dr. Brad made a “house call” to the motorhome and gave her two more steroid shots so she could be comfortable.  She took it like a champ and we motored on down the road.

The trip was uneventful – just as you want when you’re traveling with a big rig.  We landed in Medora late in the afternoon and “set up camp,” if that’s what you call it when you’re in an RV with all the comforts of home.  

Ole pulled the rig into place and  I got up from my chair to walk to the back of the RV, “Ole,” I yelled.  “What in the world is going on here – it’s the end of July and there’s snow INSIDE of our motorhome!”  Ole said he didn’t have a clue, but with all his technical experience and knowledge he would follow up on it and start checking to see if we had a snow machine in our ceiling.  It didn’t take long to find out why we had “snow” on our carpet once Ole started troubleshooting. “Turn on the air conditioner,” he said.  So I flipped the switch and we instantly had blizzard conditions. 

I thought I had been so smart and managed to keep the mice out of the RV over the winter.  I used something called Cab Fresh – and it worked great.  Never a sign of a mouse INSIDE the RV anywhere.  And besides that, it even smells good.  BUT – this winter the mice decided to take up residence in the A/C ducts in the ceiling.  They apparently thought the styrofoam insulation up there was a tasty treat so chewed it to pieces.  When I turned on the A/C and the fan started you can’t imagine how many thousands of little beads of styrofoam came blowing out of the ceiling ducts and into the air.  And just in case you didn’t know – those little pieces of styrofoam seem to be statically charged and they stick to EVERYTHING!  Poor Simon and Lucy were even covered!!  Lucy wasn’t too happy about that.  If I could have read her mind she would have been saying, “Get this @%$#* stuff off of me!”  And Simon, off in his own little world of kitty dementia, (he’s 23 years old)  just stood there and looked helpless.

So after an hour or so of vacuuming we were finally able to sit down to a bit of  a toddy and some hors d’oeuvres. 

Daisy had a tough day so occupied the davenport. 

 We’re packing up and heading for Sturgis this morning – see ya’ll there!!

Love, Lena