Ole’s New Boots

“Ole, if you don’t get some new boots pretty soon, those things are going to rot off your feet and you’re going to have to walk barefoot on the rocks,” I said.  Ole, being a VERY conservative Finlander, not wanting to spend ANY money if he doesn’t have to, (he’s so tight he squeaks) thought his boots were just fine even though they had holes on the sides and his socks showed through!!  I have been after him for 6 months to buy new boots, but you know how that goes – NOT!  So today we went to the Harley Shop in Sturgis and I told him if HE didn’t buy new boots I was going to buy them for him and he’d have to put up with whatever foo-foo fancy choice I made.  He’d have to wear them because I was going to throw his old ones in the trash!!  I meant business, can you tell??? 

Well, while Ole was trying on boots (he must have realized I meant business) I was busy shopping in the baby department of the Harley Shop.  You know, this new grand baby we’re going to have this fall in going to be the best dressed baby biker ever.  I had SO much fun shopping. 

When I was done I found Ole sitting on a chair by the door enjoying a cup of coffee and visitng with the security guard.  I heard him say that he was currently drinking a $300 cup of coffee.  The security guard said he didn’t believe that because the coffee was FREE.  Ole said, “Oh, but you don’t understand – my wife is going to be a grandma for the first time and she’s SHOPPING and by the time she’s done it will easily be a $300 bill!!!!”  “Oh,” said the security guard, “I understand now.”  Well, Folks, it wasn’t QUITE $300, but this little gal is going to be the best dressed baby biker ever!

But – Ole did get a new pair of boots and I’m going to throw his old ones in the trash tomorrow.  So there . . . .

Spent the remainder of the afternoon people watching in downtown Sturgis.  Extremely interesting, but wouldn’t you know I forgot my camera so no pictures in today’s entry.  Sorry.  Just new boots and lots of baby stuff!!!

Love you all, Lena

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  1. Evelyn –
    Been enjoying your stories…keep them coming!
    And please remind Tony that his money has an expiration date. Needs to use it before that happens!

    Enjoy ( :

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