And the Party Begins


Sunday morning Ole was taking Daisy for her “morning constitutional” as he does every morning.  He walked around the corner of one of the tents in the Tent City next door to us and heard this awful gagging noise and then heard a lot of “liquid” hit the bottom of the trash can.  Get the picture, Folks?  There stood Hillary, one of the gals next door, puking into one of the 55-gallon barrels that serve as trash cans around here.  She managed to pull her head out of the trash can long enough to say to Ole, “Everything was fine until I had another drink this morning!”  Now I won’t say Hillary is a Party Animal or anything, but – – – –  she spent pretty much the remainder of Sunday and most of the day yesterday (Monday) in a horizontal position trying to recover!  Uffda.  This morning (Tuesday) she’s vertical and looks much healthier. 

Long time friend, Al, arrived Sunday night.  He thought he was going to surprise us but his Better Half, Sherry, posted on Facebook that he had taken off for Sturgis.  He arrived just in time to have a full blown turkey dinner with all the trimmings that Karen had put together.  You see, we REALLY rough it when we’re camping.  Yesterday afternoon (Monday) Buddy Don and his son Brandon arrived and set up ther domicile in our camp site.  Don lives in Arkansas, so he had quite a ride. 

Yesterday we rode down to Rapid City and stopped at the Harley shop there and on our way out proceeded to get rained on and hailed on.  But then it wouldn’t be the Black Hills if you didn’t get wet at least once.  We were here one year where we were caught on the highway in a rain storm.  That time I poured a cup of water out of each boot when we got back to camp.  We got wet in places we didn’t even know we had.  A couple of years ago we were caught in another storm but managed to take refuge in a car wash in Deadwood.  When we got back to camp there had been hail the size of baseballs that that had fallen.  That year we had over $15,000 worth of damage done to our RV.  And we came out good compared to a lot of others.  So the weather in the Black Hills is always exciting.  If you don’t like it just wait five minutes. 

Unfortunately, there are always fatalities during the rally.  Sunday the Needles Highway was shut down for a number of hours due to an accident that killed a rider and his passenger.  He apparently had a medical issue of some kind and didn’t make one of the switchbacks.  Went off the cliff and down into a ravine.  If you’ve ever been on the Needles Highway during rally week, it’s bumper to bumper bikes and would be extremely difficult to get an ambulance up the mountain.  There was also another fatality down by Hill City – a pickup came off a side road and broadsided a biker.  He lived but his passenger was dead on the scene.  Unfortunately there’s always those folks who get a new bike, have probably never ridden before and think they need to break it in and learn to ride at Sturgis.  There’s a lot of stupidity down here and in many cases too much alcohol and too many drugs behind the handlebars.

Speaking of drugs I noticed that the Sons of Silence and the Hell’s Angels were in town yesterday.  It’s unusual for more than one gang to be in town at the same time.  There seems to be an unwritten rule that they’ve each got their own day so most generally there’s very little trouble in town – let’s hope it stays that way.

New video for your viewing – click on the link below.

Love, Lena