Well, that wasn’t EXACTLY what I yelled as I raised the middle finger on my left hand and shook it at the stupidity that had just crossed in front of us on the Harley.  We were riding down the turning lane to make a left turn (fortunately at a slow speed) when some idiot and his stupid girlfriend, riding in the left lane going through Sturgis on Lazelle, must have decided the traffic was too heavy and they wanted to turn around.  Well, folks, these two idiots made a U-turn right in front of us across the turning lane, and nonchalantly motored the other direction.  They hadn’t even looked to see that there was a bike coming at them in the turning lane.  Karen and Dave were following us and I heard Karen yell a few choice words at them also.  He just looked over and gave us a $h – – eating grin like he had gotten away with something.  Meanwhile, Ole had to slam on the brakes, my backside lifted up off the seat and I grabbed Ole by the “love handles” in order to stay on the bike.  I am so tired of the stupidity and the attitudes of some of the bikers down here that some days I don’t even want to come back.  And it seems to get worse every year.  Or maybe I just get older and more crotchety??  Nahhh – that couldn’t be. 

There are these things called Common Sense, Bike Safety and Bike Etiquette.  I may not ride my own bike, but I’ve put enough miles on behind Ole over the last 20 years to know what’s what.  As of yesterday there have been 9 fatalities related to the rally, most of them due to stupidity or the inability to handle the motorcycle due to inexperience.  This is NOT the place to come and “break in” your new motorcycle.  Thanks for listening to my rant – – – –

The Rally is coming to an end and the campground is starting to empty out.  Our friend, Jerry, left yesterday, Karen and Dave left this morning along with Don and Brandon.  So our little village has disbursed and we’re here alone.  We debated leaving this morning also, but Ole has a tendency to want to hang around until the “last dog is hung.”  So I guess we’ll motor around a bit today, although not too far as the sky is rather ominous again today.

We were up in Deadwood yesterday buying truffles at the Chubby Chipmunk when the storm clouds came over the moutain very rapidly and billowed to the point that they looked like they were exploding.  The process was beautiful and quite interesting, but it meant we were in for a storm and had 11 miles to go down the mountain and then heavy traffic to get through before we were back to safety in the campground.  We made it ahead of the storm, which proceeded to open up and dump copious amounts of rain and hail – AGAIN!  Fortunately, this time the hail was only the size of nickles instead of baseballs, like it was several years ago.  Ole parked the bike under our awning to protect it, but parked it toward the end of the covering.  Now the awning, which is 24 feet long, is always put up at an angle so that when it rains the water runs off instead of pooling on top of the awning and breaking things from the weight.  So it’s actually like an eave with no downspout.  The “lack of the downspout” caused all the water from the awning to fall like a waterfall right onto the back seat of the bike – it’s SOAKED – and guess where I get to sit today!!  I’ve done it before in situations where we’ve gotten caught in the rain unexpectedly – and believe me – it’s not comfortable walking around with a wet backside all day. 

We’ve got our reservations made for next year, 2014 and also for 2015 – two years ahead.  Hopefully us old duffers will still be getting around good enough to do this.  (No comments from the Peanut Gallery, Burl!)  We always make reservations a year in advance, but 2015 is the 75th anniversary of the rally, so there will be a large attendance.  And after all these years we definitely want to get back into the same campground.  Ross, the owner of Lamphere Campground, runs a pretty tight ship.  I have seen him escort campers out in the middle of the night if they don’t follow the rules.  It’s nothing like the infamous Buffalo Chip, where the only rules are no dogs and no glass containers. 

New video attached – just click on the link below.  I haven’t taken a lot of pictures this year I guess because I’ve been here so many times.  But I do love to “people watch.”  There are some interesting characters around.

Well, Ole’s getting anxious so I guess I better get my ducks in a row so we can go find another adventure!! 

Love, Lena