Looking through the Bugs on the Windshield

We got home tonight about 7 o’clock.  As I sit here tonight reflecting on the last 10 days thinking about our travels and the people we met, as usual, it couldn’t have been better.  Even though we didn’t do a lot of riding like we used to, it was still a great time and the people, in general, were pretty great. 

One of the wonderful people is a lady named Robin who is the waitress/bartender at the VFW in Deadwood.  The VFW in Deadwood is the only place that we found that didn’t raise their prices sky high during the rally, and the employees always had a smile for you when you walked in the door.  Robin is by far the friendliest waitress and most attentive during the rally that we have found.  Next time you’re in Deadwood, please stop by and tell Robin we sent you.  While all the other restaurants/bars/saloons raised their prices exhorbitantly during rally week, this was always a place you could go to get an excellent meal and a good drink at a fair price.  And you don’t have to be a vet to get in.  They love everyone.  Thanks, Robin, for wonderful lunches and a great visit with you and all the local people you introduced us to. 

Saturday night we decided we really needed to take in the “night life” of Sturgis on Main Street after dark.  Well, let me tell you , it was pretty tame compared to previous years that we’ve been there.  Or maybe it was just that by 9 o’clock both Ole and I were ready for our jammies, a warm glass of milk and bed.  Darn, I hate it when that happens (chuckle).  So we headed back to the campground and proceeded to batten down the hatches for the storm that was approaching (again).  It didn’t show up as predicted, but later during the night started with lots of thunder booms and a lightening display that was pretty spectacular.  No wind though, just very heavy rain along with the lightening and thunder.  Naturally, Ole slept through it and I was up comforting the dog and the cats.  One more night with not much sleep.  Oh, well – – – –

So this morning it was up-and-at-em, packing up things from the week anticipating a trip home.  We pulled out about 9 a.m. and headed north, leaving all the excitement of the Rally in Sturgis.  Let me tell you – South Dakota really needs to do something about their highways.  They are extremely narrow, no shoulder and very rough and broken up.  Very difficult to drive on with a wide-body RV – one wrong turn of the steering wheel and you’ll be down in the ditch and possibly rolled over.  Not a fun thought with a 40-foot motorhome pulling a 12 foot trailer.  Ugly.  Really exciting when you meet a semi-truck with extra-wide mirrors hauling some heavy kind of load from the oil fields!!  Next year I think we’ll stick to the interstates all the way even if it’s longer. 

As we headed north we discussed the idea of driving along the Enchanted Highway, a place we haven’t covered in our travels.  Now, neither of us knew just exactly where the Enchanted Highway was, so I hopped on the internet once we got into an area that had service, to get a bit of info.  Discovered that there is NO highway number for the Enchanged Highway – I guess you just have to take a good guess.  Well, we guessed right and headed north out of Regent, ND along a 34 mile of stretch that holds a number of metal sculptures all done by a local farmer just because he wanted to do it.  He receives no monetary reimbursements other than what people choose to contribute.  His work is fantastic and depicts wildlife in the state of North Dakota.  If you have an opportunity, turn off of I-94 at Exit 72 and head south toward Regent.  At Regent stop in his shop and visit with him – he’s an extremely interesting person, and besides that – he sells ICE CREAM in his shop!!  Believe me – it really hit the spot. 

Then – once we hit the interstate – 4 hours later we were pulling into our driveway where our daughter and son-in-law were waiting to greet us along with Beau Dog, their German Shepherd and Daisy’s buddy.  It was so good to give them both a hug and be welcomed home. 

Traveling is always so interesting and wonderful – but getting home is always great too.  Now to knuckle down tomorrow, get out of vacation mode and on with life.

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Love you all, Lena