The REAL Adventures of Ole and Lena – it aint pretty

“You know, Lena, I feel like one of my butt cheeks is sitting lower than the other.  How do yours feel?” 

“Well, Ole,” I said, “Isn’t that a rather personal question?  I’m not sure I want to tell you, but now that you’ve brought it up, I guess my right one feels like it’s sitting lower than the left.”

“Yah, that’s what I thought too.  Maybe I should get out and check things over.  You never know what’s going to go wrong with these motorhomes.  You have to expect at least ONE thing with every trip you make, you know.”

Well, Ole got out and checked things over and sure enough – there was something wrong in the rear end of the RV – its right-hand butt cheek was sitting lower than the others, just like Ole’s and mine.  A quick phone call to the Freightliner dealer told us that they had the correct part, but couldn’t get our RV in for repairs until next week.  Now Bismarck, ND isn’t exactly the place we want to hang around for a week or so, especially when we’re headed for Sturgus, SD and the big bike rally.  Bismarck – boring.  Sturgis – excitement.  No brainer.  So Ole bought the part and dragged out all his trusty tools that he carries in the RV for just such occasions.  We motored on over to the Wal-mart parking lot and Ole crawled under, the RV and fixed the whole shenanigan.  You should have seen him when he crawled out – pretty black – you would have thought he was a “grease monkey” working for some big equipment company.  But it was fixed and we motored on down the road. 

We headed the direction of Hettinger, ND where we have long time high school friends who own and run the local Super Valu grocery store.  We thought it would be fun to stop in and just say “Hi, how are you.”  We were lucky enough to find Mike in the store, not home for supper as it was getting to be that hour.  Hadn’t seen him since high school graduation almost 50 years ago.  Ole walked up to him and said, “Hi, Mike.  High school class of l965, right?  Married to Kathy, right?”  Mike’s response, “Who the H*** are you, anyway.”  Ole kept spouting little bits of information that he knew about him and Mike became more and more puzzled.  He looked at me and said, “Lena, you look very familiar, but I just can’t put a name on you.”  And then he proceeded to call his wife to come down to the store.  She walked in and of course, immediately recognized us.  Had a good visit with them – fun to see them both.  So fun to surprise people like that.

Then it was on down the road heading toward Sturgis.  We really should have stopped for the night before we crossed the ND/SD line, but Ole is one of these people that just wants to keep going.  Once you cross the border into SD it’s a wasteland.  There is nowhere to pull off the road for the night, no gas stations, no wide spots in the road for the next umpty-two miles.  So you better have a full tank of gas when you venture into northwestern South Daktoa.  There ain’t nothing there but a few cows and a mail box or two.  No building sites, no lights off in the distance – nothing.  I think we met probably three cars in a 150 mile stretch. 

So we just kept heading south, and about the time we got within a half mile of the campground we had reserved, the headlights started flashing.  Not a good thing when it’s dark out.  Ole finally decided to turn on the big spot light that sits on the roof of the RV in order to see where we were driving.  Can you imagine being an oncoming car and seeing this THING coming down the road at you with this unbelievably bright light – but only one – thinking they must be seeing an alien space ship coming at them? Fortunately there were no cops so we made it to the campground without hitting the ditch.  And of course by this time the registration office was closed.  So here we are, driving around the campground with this bright spot light searching for our campsite.  But we made it.  We’re parked, set up and are enjoying life. 

Well, that’s all for tonight folks.  I’ve been having trouble with my computer so hopefully this will post and you can see it. 

Love from Ole and Lena land – more tomorrow when the adventure continues.