Riding the waves and getting sea sick

Rolling along on this section of I-94 heading east is like riding a wild bronco – lots of bucking.  You better be seat belted in or you’re going to go flying.  Between the frost heaves that remain after the severe winters, and the sun boils that make the highway about as smooth as an ocean with huge waves, it can be a pretty wild ride.  Poor little Lucy has taken up residence in her cat bed that has a roof over it, so she’s pretty secure.  Nala, on the other hand, has to suffer with the up and down motion and has a terrible time to find a place where she feels secure.  She remains calm throughout and travels well.  Actually better than I did yesterday.

Montana is one freaking big state – it goes on forever and ever and ever.  They call it Big Sky Country, and yes, it’s beautiful, but when all you want to do is go home, you can only handle so much big blue sky.  Especially at 95 degrees when the in-dash a/c doesn’t work.  By the time we reached Billings last night I was literally FRIED in more ways than one.  Then to top it off, we took a wrong turn off the exit ramp, got all turned around and ended up in the industrial park instead of where we wanted to go.  I was trying hard to figure things out on the GPS and Nala was insisting on standing between me and the dash, where all my power cords and computer cables are, pulling everything down off the dash so I lost all my connections.  Meanwhile, Ole was yelling at me to tell him where to turn – I just about told him where to turn all right – and it wasn’t in Billings!!

We finally reached our Walmart campground and all sighed a deep sigh of relief, even Nala and Lucy.  No more than had we pulled in lengthwise along one of the outside edges of the parking lot, allowing enough space to drive out in the morning, than some dumb sh-t pulled in right in front of us – so close to our front end you had to hold your breath in order to walk between the vehicles.  That meant that if someone pulled in behind us there would be no way to jockey our way out in the a.m., and we wanted to be on the road at sun-up. 

“Well,” said Ole, with a huff, “We’ll fix him good,” as he poked the button to start the generator so we could run our roof a/c and cool everybody down.  By this time I was in tears, from frustration and being overheated for so terribly long, and being very tired due to lack of sleep over the last several nights.  Enough, already.  I just want to go home and see my little Emily and cuddle her and snuggle her and get big sloppy, wet kisses from her.  I’m ready to go home to my nice air conditioned house and do all my dirty laundry that has accumulated from the last three weeks. (Sheesh – I must be really sick.)

So – as we literally roll along over the waves of the interstate, we’re almost at the North Dakota/Montana line, listening to Jack Friday solve all kinds of crimes on the oldies radio station.  Ole is fighting a strong cross wind, Nala is trying not to throw up from “riding the waves” and I’m trying to stay a bit cooler than yesterday.  ETA, hopefully, barring any more “incidents” is this evening.